About Judaica Fine Art

For more than 25 years, Chava Roth has been creating Judaica Paintings / Jewish paintings that portray the Jewish people, religious places and objects that are close to her heart.  The people, places and objects are displayed on this web site within the three categories – Israeli paintings, still life paintings, and portraits.

Whether it is still life depicting sacred objects of the Jewish tradition, and Jewish holidays, or scenes portraying the people and places of the holy land of Israel, Chava enhances the onlookers view with meaningful realism that hits home.  For example, her portrayal of the Wailing Wall or her depiction of Rachel’s Tomb will evoke memories of the experience of being there.

Besides specializing in Judaica Paintings, Chava is a master of portraiture. Her love of telling a story in a painting has led her to a new series of naartive portrait paintings, portraying people in settings. Whether painting children or holy rabbis, Chava uses the classical approach to paint true to life strikingly beautiful scenes containing all characters.  These lovely portraits can be commissioned.  Please call for details.

Many of the paintings are available in gicleè reproductions. Gicleès are fine art prints on canvas, paper or on our newest offering acrylic.

All paintings come with a certificate of authenticity straight from the artist.

Besides hanging Chava’s paintings to enhance the home, Chava’s artwork has been printed on Bar Mitzvah invitations and Bencher covers.  This will enhance your simcha significantly.

Judaica Fine Art, also has special incentives, for people who would like to sponsor beautiful paintings, to individuals or groups of people who completed a mesechta or those learning daf yomi.  Each painting is beautifully framed with a stunning plaque, that will contain the mesayim’s name, Mesechta completed, and the date completed.  Each painting will contain the artist’s signature of authenticity.  When the painting hangs in their home, the children and grandchildren will recognize the importance learning Torah is to their family.

Thank You
Judaica Fine Art