Talmud Torah Presentations

We at Judaica Fine Art recognize and support our GREATEST mission we ALL have, which is Limud Torah.

תלמוד תורה כנגד כלם

In so doing, Judaica Fine Art has started a major project in creating paintings that will contain a theme in every Mesechta in Shas and Mishnayos. These paintings, created by one of today's most highly regarded Jewish artists, as recognition of accomplishments of groups or individuals who complete a masechta, those learning daf yomi, or anyone wishing to enhance their home or that of another.

Each painting is beautifully framed with a stunning plaque, that will contain the mesayim's name, Mesechta completed, and the date completed. Each painting will contain the artist's signature of authenticity.

When the painting hangs in their home, the children and grandchildren will recognize the importance learning Torah is to their family.

The gift that lasts a life time!

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